physically relaxed. mentally alert

About CR

Creative Relaxation (“CR”) is more than a well-being technique, it’s a calmer more balanced way of living, enabling you to be physically relaxed and mentally alert.  Once learned, it becomes a skill for life which you can call upon at any time. CR is suitable for anyone including children (aged 6+) and adults.

The technique has two parts. The first part gives you the tools to learn how to relax yourself physically, wherever you are. The second part builds on this by teaching you how to harness the power of the mind to bring about positive changes in your physical and emotional states. This makes it easier to influence your health and well-being and imagine and implement more positive outcomes to any situation.

The Q & A section tells you more about CR and how it works.

The Creative Relaxation and Creative Relaxation for Schools programs have been promoted in the UK since 2007 by The Girasol Foundation, a UK charity dedicated to the well-being of children and those who work with them.