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CR Around the World

In addition to the UK, Training in Creative Relaxation is currently taught by accredited trainers in Spain, France, Holland, Germany and Brazil.

In Spain, where CR was originally developed, it has being used since 1971 in a variety of contexts including on Madrid City Council employees, members of the Madrid Metropolitan Police Force and members of the public who attend the Council’s Health Programmes. It has also been used in schools and as part of a nationally recognised drug rehabilitation program for adults.

In Brazil, CR is being used within a well-being program in schools. It also forms part of a drug rehabilitation program for adults and holistic treatments by medical practitioners.

In Holland CR is taught by art therapists who provide treatment to adults within the National Health Service. It is also used by a number of psychotherapists with their clients.

In France CR is being used in psychotherapeutic counselling and as part of professional development training for psychotherapists.

In Germany CR is being used in after school clubs and in courses for the general public.