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Our People

Pilar Lillo

Director of Creative Relaxation Programmes


Pilar Lillo is the Director of Creative Relaxation programmes including the “Training the Trainer” programme in the UK. In 2003, she introduced CR to the UK with the original vision of offering it to schools to provide children with life skills to help them through the challenges of life. She co-designed the ‘CR for Schools’ UK project and is the author of “Creative Relaxation for Children – A Manual for Teachers” published by The Girasol Foundation UK.

Pilar is a clinical psychologist with 23 years experience as a psychotherapist. She is an accredited EMDR practitioner, Family therapist, director of Psychodrama, NLP master and a trainer of ‘Emotional Skills for Children’. She is the vice-president of ‘Fundacion Girasol’, a Spanish charity specialized in the treatment and prevention of problems related to drug-addiction. She was Head of the psychotherapy department of Girasol Rehabilitation Centre for more than 17 years, where she developed and supervised several prevention programmes in Andalusia (Spain) and taught the Creative Relaxation technique.
She has established CR programmes in schools in Sao Paolo (Brazil). She continues to spread and run CR training courses in Europe and America.

Mary Louise Morris

Director of Creative Relaxation in Schools


Mary Louise Morris B.A (Hons) M.A, is the Director of the Creative Relaxation in Schools Project. She is an experienced trainer of adults and children and became an accredited Creative Relaxation trainer in 2008. Mary Louise has been working for the benefit and well-being of children within the voluntary sector since 2004. Prior to joining Girasol, she worked as Head of Education and Awareness for children’s charity Childnet International ( during which time she trained thousands of parents and children and acted as consultant to government departments and educational organisations.

She is an accredited teacher of the Mindfulness In Schools Programme (MISP) a course designed for 11-18 year olds, and she recently completed a teacher training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, at The Centre for Mindfulness, Research and Practice, University of Bangor.


Trevor Folley



Trevor Folley  BA (Hons), PGCE, NLP Master Practitioner, has worked in education for 20 years. For the first 13 he worked in secondary schools as teacher, Head of Department, Faculty Director and Head of Year. In 2003 he moved to the Essex Advisory Service as a Pupil Motivation and Behaviour Consultant before joining the National Strategies’ Regional field force as a cross-phase RA for Attendance. In 2006 he began working nationally with a focus on improving progress across transitions and in 2008 joined the Personalisation and Progression Programme with its remit to strengthen the approach to these areas across all phases and programmes. Between 2006-2011, he co-led three national action-research projects involving 136 schools from 20 Local Authorities exploring how to strengthen transfers and transitions. Evidence of significant outcomes for children is documented in the evaluation reports published by the Department of Education (and its predecessors) through The National Strategies.

He is a the founding director of One Learning Journey Ltd, an organisation dedicated to supporting schools and their partners link all aspects of education across each child’s whole learning experience; from Early Years to Higher Education. He is lead researcher for the Creative Relaxation in Schools programme, and the author and designer of the research in Southend schools.  Trevor qualified as a Creative Relaxation Trainer in 2013.

Margaret Bleet

Education Advisor

Margaret Bleet, B.A.(Hons), has worked in school attendance and related fields for twenty years. She worked as a Regional Advisor for Behaviour and Attendance with the National Strategies working cross phase in both Primary and Secondary phases for six years until April 2011. She specialised in improving behaviour and attendance, Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning and The National Programme for Specialist Leaders in Behaviour and Attendance. She is an experienced school governor and Chair of Governors.  She has a degree in sociological research.   She is a practitioner of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, which can be used to support individual staff, or in group work.

Margaret has acted both as a project manager (She is a qualified Prince 2 project manager) and educational advisor to Creative Relaxation in Schools. She worked closely with schools in Southend, during the recent research, to introduce the project and to ensure that research conditions are met during the life of the project.



John Morris Trustee
John Morris


A former lawyer, banker and entrepreneur, John has a deep interest in promoting well-being and resilience in both adults and children and draws on his business experience and experience of working with other charities, to help structure and  oversee and the Creative Relaxation program. In addition he deals with fundraising, legal issues, liaison with other charities and institutions and the strategic programme development.

Heydell Vera Murphy


Heydell Vera Murphy is an educational psychologist with a specialisation in cognitive behavioural therapy. For fourteen years she was the head of the Psychology Department at the Conquistadores School in Colombia, working closely with families and students to overcome learning, emotional and behavioural challenges. She was recruited to work as a Learning and Development manager for the Colombian Government, designing and delivering workshops in Team Work, Leadership, Stress Management and Conflict Solutions. She also held the position of Lecturer in Educational Psychology at the Pontifica Bolivariana University while also acting as the clinical interns advisor.

Having moved to London to further her education, Heydell chose to work at The Big Issue where she trains and supports vulnerable and homeless individuals who aspire to gain a better life. Heydell is bilingual in English and Spanish and is a qualified trainer in Creative Relaxation.

Jefferson Cann


After a twenty-five year career in the pharmaceutical industry, Jefferson became a performance coach and consultant and is particularly interested in whole -being leadership and values -based cultural development and emotional intelligence. Jefferson’s experience in emotional intelligence has been invaluable in helping to develop programmes for both adults and children. Jefferson is a qualified CR Trainer.

Nelly Munthe

Nelly became increasingly focused on children’s well-being after a successful career teaching and writing about art history for children. Nelly works with a number of charities involving children and adolescents. She has been an integral part of the piloting of Creative Relaxation programmes and is a qualified Creative Relaxation trainer. Nelly is also trained in NLP (practitioner), Non-violent communication (with Marshall Rosenberg) and Story Telling with Nicia Grillo in Brazil. In addition to being a children’s author and inspired storyteller, Nelly has gained hands-on experience of delivering workshops to children on emotional development, art, performance and creative relaxation.

Neil Toogood


Neil has a passion for helping individuals and teams realise their potential. His interest in people and coaching for performance stems from work in the 1970’s as a tennis coach using ‘inner game’ principles and then learning how to motivate and lead people as he founded, grew and sold two businesses. He is a qualified accountant and after 5 years as a Partner in Performance Consultants ( now works independently as an expert in designing and running leadership programmes and assessing and coaching management teams to perform at the highest level.

He has completed the Creative Relaxation Train the Trainer program and is a Consultant to the Creative Relaxation program.