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At Creative Relaxation in Schools, are committed to establishing a firm evidence base for what we do by measuring the impact of our work. In August 2013 we completed our largest research to date involving 60 staff members and 614 pupils (398 in the Experimental Group and 218 in the Control Group) from 5 primary schools in Southend. We measured the impact of Creative Relaxation on both emotional health and well-being of pupils and also on their mental ability and academic results. We also measured the impact on staff who were trained to deliver the technique in the classroom or to small groups of pupils. We are still finalising the report but here are some of the highlights to date.

Staff: we were particularly pleased with the findings regarding the impact on staff (including some SENCOS). 62% of them reported an improved ability to relax and 48% of them reported improved self-confidence. In interviews with staff, they made the following comments:

“I have felt the benefits in regards to stress especially linked to work – I have been less tearful”; “I feel better equipped to cope with heavy work load”; “I’m sleeping much better and I am more confident in conflict situations.”

Children: the findings regarding both emotional health and well-being and also on mental ability and academic results of children are still being processed, but indications are that they are very positive. For example, the emotional health and well-being results showed improvements in 75% of the areas studied including; an increase in children’s desire to learn, enjoyment of school, resilience in the face of challenge and  a reduction in the frequency of anger. On the academic side, 3 of the 5 schools showed an improvement in reading, writing and mathematics and in mental ability tests, 67% of the children showed improved performance in arithmetic after learning Creative Relaxation.

You can access the full published report here: Creative Relaxation for Schools Southend Research Report March 2014.

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Creative Relaxation in Southend Schools

Creative Relaxation in Southend Schools

We made a short film about the research in Southend (made by the wonderful Kashfi Halford) which is now on the home page of the site. It shows the amazing teachers and children from our 18 month study in Southend. We are very pleased with the research findings so far and look forward to sharing the full results with everyone in March 2014.