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Creative Relaxation for Schools is a well-being programme for staff and pupils from age 6 upwards, run by The Girasol Foundation, a UK charity dedicated to the well-being of children and those who work with them.

Imagine a school where staff and pupils feel good about themselves, are confident in their own abilities, interact well and are positive, happy, optimistic and healthy. Creative Relaxation for Schools is a well-being programme that can be run for individual groups of pupils and teachers or across the whole school community and is suitable for children from the age of 6 upwards.

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Read the findings from our two year research project Creative Relaxation for Schools Southend Research Report March 2014

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  • I was worried about the reading test, then, during the relaxation, thoughts about it left my mind. – 11 year-old girl, Redbridge
  • Teaching is the most stressful occupation in the UK with 41.5% of teachers reporting themselves as "highly stressed. – Health and Safety Executive