physically relaxed. mentally alert

The introductory course for any adult wishing to benefit from Creative Relaxation consists of five one and a half hour sessions spread over five consecutive weeks. Trainees will be given daily exercises to practise between sessions.

Those who have completed the Introductory Training and who wish to use the technique in the classroom to train pupils can take an additional two days of training. These are two experiential and enjoyable days where staff reflect on their own experiences using the technique, and practice guiding the exercises with children using the teachers’ manual, “Creative Relaxation in the Classroom”.

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  • All teachers should do this training as they will present as confident, calm and in control and understanding of others.
  • I didn’t realise that the mind could stay alert whilst the body was relaxed and that this would help concentration.
  • My neck pain improved during the course and I felt more laid back than I usually do
  • I enjoyed the creative slide of the technique and learning how much you can achieve with that.
  • Creative Relaxation can offer benefits in different areas of well being, for psychosomatic issues, for physical pain and with medical issues.
  • I learned how to use relaxation to gain energy rather than just sleep.
  • It’s a portable and useful tool/technique
  • The training has helped me to deal with difficult personal circumstances (bereavement.)
  • I feel more detached from Irritations.
  • The technique has shown me the importance of body awareness and has given me the ability to control my imagination.