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Pilar Lillo

Director of Creative Relaxation Programmes


Pilar Lillo

Pilar Lillo is the Director of Creative Relaxation programmes including the “Training the Trainer” programme in the UK. In 2003, she introduced CR to the UK with the original vision of offering it to schools to provide children with life skills to help them through the challenges of life. She co-designed the ‘CR for Schools’ UK project and is the author of “Creative Relaxation for Children – A Manual for Teachers” published by The Girasol Foundation UK.

Pilar is a clinical psychologist with 23 years experience as a psychotherapist. She is an accredited EMDR practitioner, Family therapist, director of Psychodrama, NLP master and a trainer of ‘Emotional Skills for Children’. She is the vice-president of ‘Fundacion Girasol’, a Spanish charity specialized in the treatment and prevention of problems related to drug-addiction. She was Head of the psychotherapy department of Girasol Rehabilitation Centre for more than 17 years, where she developed and supervised several prevention programmes in Andalusia (Spain) and taught the Creative Relaxation technique.
She has established CR programmes in schools in Sao Paolo (Brazil). She continues to spread and run CR training courses in Europe and America.