physically relaxed. mentally alert


The benefits of Creative Relaxation can be felt physically, mentally and emotionally. Once learnt the technique puts you more in charge of your well-being by enabling you to relax on your own, anywhere at any time.

Think better

When we are stressed our thinking can become confused and we can easily lose concentration. Training in Creative Relaxation improves our ability to focus, pay attention, and concentrate. In a state of relaxation we become more present and our memory can function better.

Feel better

Anxiety and stress can be harmful to both the body and the mind and can contribute to illness, muscular tensions and pain. By learning to relax muscles at will, we can instantly reduce physical tension and pain and have more control over our state of mind. When our muscles are relaxed it is much more difficult to worry. When our mind is not gripped by anxiety we can direct it to more positive thoughts. By using the CR imagination techniques, we can work at improving the image that we have of ourselves which in turn can help our self-confidence.          

Perform Better

Most of us waste energy though unnecessary stress and anxiety and over-use of our ‘flight and flight’ mechanism. Training in Creative Relaxation leaves us with more energy to achieve what-ever we want. When our body feels better, our mind is focused, sharper and more efficient. Creative Relaxation provides us with tools to imagine the outcomes that we want and can help us to perform better in any area of our lives.